Mizuno Wave Rider 1 x mita sneakers “No Borders”

Mizuno is delighted to announce its latest Wave Rider in collaboration with the legendary Japanese footwear retailer mita sneakers. Titled, the Mizuno Wave Rider 1 No Borders, it’s the very first collaboration to launch as part of Mizuno’s new Sports Style range.

The original Wave Rider has been at the core of Mizuno’s functional philosophy for over 20-years. For this collaboration, Mizuno and mita sneakers meet at the crossroads between utility and lifestyle design for a contemporary sneaker that’s informed by the past and inspired by the present.

In designing the nylon and pig skin nubuck upper, Mizuno and mita sneakers looked to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium and its famous blue track — which has long been said to encourage a sense of calm and concentration within athletes. The sole, on the other hand, gets its look from Japan’s asphalt roads and the white line on the vamp symbolises the dividing lines on the road and on a running track. The Wave Rider’s signature technology, the Wave Plate, is unmissable in glow-in-the-dark yellow and more subtle but still key features like the piping and lace keepers are reflective. The result combines lifestyle requirements and performance elements with striking aesthetics — fit for the track and the streets.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 1 No Borders launches as part of Mizuno’s Sports Style line — a new category taking the brand’s performance-driven ethos and applying it to style-focused designs for those living on-the-go lifestyles. With over 100 years innovating in the sportswear space, Sports Style is here to usher in the next era.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 1 x mita sneakers “No Borders” will launch ONLINE on Saturday 3rd March 00:01GMT.

Mizuno Wave Rider 1 x mita sneakers “No Borders”
Price: £139.00
Launch: Saturday 3rd March 00:01GMT

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