Mizuno Wave Prophecy x SORAYAMA

Hajime Sorayama, armed with an astounding ability for realism, has become a legend in Japan and overseas for creating a genre known as “sexy robots” and for his works, which seek beauty in the human body and machines. WAVE PROPHECY SORAYAMA has been designed to celebrate the 10th generation of WAVE PROPHECY with INFINITY WAVE, which brings together Mizuno’s structural technology and is evolving in its own unique way.
The aim is to give more flexibility to the sole structure and making it lighter, creating a shoe with an outsole that has large air pockets with a design based on the idea of sneakers that float in the air. The midsole has been made by incorporating translucent sole parts. The permeable resin upper features a silver RunBird logo, while the heel has metallic silver parts. The SORAYAMA logo is located on the inside of the sole, and the double name on the insole is proof of SORAYAMA’s design.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy x SORAYAMA launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Enter via the button below.
Mizuno Wave Prophecy x SORAYAMA
Price: £260.00

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