Mizuno Undyed Pack

Mizuno’s naturally-skewed bout of technology comes doused in a flurry of cotton, suede, cork and gum tones in their raw form for a more sustainable approach to manufacturing, refining a collection that reimagines three Runbird classics in a manner that skews focus towards natural styling instead of elaborate palettes.
At the pack’s heart resides the Enso symbol - a love letter to nature, an attentive take on the raw beauty and cyclical elements completing all four seasons. In certain spaces, Enso is thought to represent the minimalist concept of vase environments requiring nothing more beyond what is already present. Wholeness, minimalism, simplicity and raw beauty. Everything is exactly as it once was.

The Mizuno Undyed Pack is available to buy ONLINE now via the button below!

In 2021, Mizuno revisited Junko Haranda’s Contender for the first time since it appeared in a 1995 running catalogue. Fundamentally, the Contender drives Transpower technology into the heart of a single density, compression moulded EVA foam midsole. Transpower aligns Sorbothane with the original impact-toresponse H2 build found in golf balls.

Mizuno Contender 'Undyed' 
Undyed White/Ginger Root
Price: £105.00

Plucked from Mizuno’s mid-90s tennis catalogues, the City Wind is a championship winning shoe that updates archival DNA in a way that benefits modern wearability - representing OG design with consideration for time-appropriate traditional balance.

Mizuno City Wind 'Undyed'
Undyed White/Ginger Root
Price: £105.00

at Barcelona’s ’92 Olympic Games gracing the feet of a certain track and field icon. Underfoot, Toshiya Horioka’s reworked classic maintains signature detailing, whilst leaning heavily upon Mizuno’s eye for moulded EVA tooling around stylised Transtab cushioning.

Mizuno Sky Medal S 'Undyed'
Undyed White/Ginger Root
Price: £120.00

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