Mizuno Animal Spirits Pack

Mizuno takes a deep dive into Japanese heritage with a pack inspired by the animals that populated its folklore. Artist and illustrator Kentarou Tanaka collaborated on this pack, giving it the oniric and contemporary feel which is typical of his art. Particular attention has been paid to details, such as colour schemes and materials, making this pack rich and textured. With this in mind, we took the pack out for a closer look on location at the Japanese Gardens located in well known local spot The Winter Gardens.  

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The Wave Rider 1's soft silhouette comes in an edgy green, is inspired by frogs. These creatures are often used in poetry and art, and are sometimes carried by travelers to make sure they return home safely from their journeys. The word ‘frog’ in Japanese means ‘return’, which is why the frog is considered a Japanese lucky animal and seen as good fortune in things returning.

The Sky Medal - represents a celebration of the monkey, whose meaning in Japanese culture has diachronically changed. Here we see a luxe execution that blends pink and grey hues to great aplomb with some help via that 'hairy' long suede and chenille embroidery to really dial in the difference in textures. Custom embroidered motifs on the heels and a set of printed footbeds finish off an attention grabbing execution on the Sky Medal.

This Wave Rider 10 is rendered in a solid white to symbolize the Crane, an animal associated with loyalty, honour as well as longevity and good fortune. A uniquely hairy tongue contrasts the texture and colour of the main body. Running below is the iconic and futuristic wave rider sole unit with VS-1 cushioning and a compression molded midsole for unbound comfort.

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