Meyba & Oakland Roots & Oakland Soul

Catelonian kit Masters MEYBA - under the creative direction of Connoisseur, Creative Consultant/Director and Pop Culture Historian Neal Heard have announced themselves as the main kit sponsors for the Oakland Roots and their sister club Oakland Soul. Celebrating Oakland’s unique place at the interaction of social and cultural revolution.
Their first collaboration is part of a limited edition legacy collection incorporating the iconic logo of The Black Panthers, established by Dr. Huey P Newton in his time at Oakland University. The roots, like the panthers, are an organisation that was built on a love for its home city, its history and its people. They have worked closely with Meyba to honour the Black Panther Party For Self-Defence, a local institution which is responsible for numerous Development and Uplift Programs from the city’s past. The Oakland Roots and their sister club Oakland Soul are forward looking clubs who understand the importance of the club within the community and the impact they can have. Neal explains how Meyba are proud to play a part in paying homage to the city's illustrious past.
’The world of Football is changing, it’s no longer viable for clubs to take the fans for granted. Football goes deeper than that, it isn’t above the community, it IS the community. Meyba are at the forefront of this change, we want to play our part. The teams we partner with, and what they stand for are all part of a joined-up strategy. We all have to play our part.’’ - Neal Heard

Both the Meyba Oakland Roots & Oakland Soul jerseys are available to buy ONLINE now via the button below.

Meyba Oakland Roots Jersey
Price: £50.00

Meyba Oakland Soul Jersey
Price: £50.00

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