Mephisto FG Break Gore-Tex x FUTUR x Graphpaper

I’ll level with you all here, I’m pretty excited for these… In a world where it feels like everything’s competing for your attention and everything’s just a click away. There’s a comfort to be taken in slowing down and appreciating the people and things quietly going about their business. Stuff that delivers on what it claims, stuff devoid of mass-attention and stuff going against the grain…

Step forward Mephisto, storied & diligent footwear craftsmen. Starting their operations in the early 60’s Martin Michaeli a ‘shoe engineering’ graduate set out his stall in a brave new world- Sarrebourg, France to be precise- to craft extremely comfortable shoes of the highest quality.  Skip forward a few decades and to this day Mephisto is still renowned for those very traits by those who know their way around some ‘leisure’ shoes.

A brand worn by illustrious names of stage and screen, notable names to have championed these French fancies include, Luciano Pavarotti -Who’s outfit whilst rocking remains an eternal mood-, Steven Spielberg, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood & Arnold Schwarzenegger to name but a few. In recent times a select few have worked with the brand to put their own spin on Mephisto styles, still grounded in a signature style that celebrates the mood that we've come to appreciate. Think well-heeled, corduroy wearing retirees who frequent quaint coffeehouses just off the main Platz…

I’ve waffled long enough about the background, time to get down to brass tacks and this here collaboration we’re all interested in. FUTUR, Parisian merchants of cool team up with kindred spirits Graphpaper a Japanese label that combines contemporary men’s and womenswear collections with a passion for hosting and working with artists from their Tokyo store.

This collaboration sees the duo rework the FG Break to fit within the wider collaborative collection that both premiered for the coming season. Not content by just taking a lesser seen style from the catalogue, FUTUR & Graphpaper mix in some Gore-Tex to the equation to further satisfy the anoraks pawing over the details.  As expected, the upper is the crème de la crème where only the finest cuts of suede and leather will suffice. A classic Gore-Tex metal badge signs off the subtle upper. All in all a very worthy addition to Mephisto collaboration canon, a veritable slice of Joi de Vivre!

The Mephisto FG Break Gore-Tex x FUTUR x Graphpaper launches at HANON on Thursday the 26th of September online 

Mephisto FG Break Gore-Tex x FUTUR x Graphpaper
Price: £229.00


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