Made in UK New Balance “Surplus Pack”


New Balance was founded in 1906, and is this year celebrating it’s 110th anniversary, and to commemorate that anniversary, New Balance has created a Made in UK pack of six different silhouettes, but one of them is just a little bit different…

Starting with the silhouettes that we are all so familiar with, the “Surplus” Pack features a 1500, 670, 577, 576, and a 575, but is rounded off with something not so familiar, and in fact, something totally brand new – the 991.5.

Much like the current hybrids of New Balance such as the 997.5, it’s a similar situation with the 991.5, but instead, we are treated to a 991 upper on top of a 1500 sole unit. Now, when we first heard about that, we were scratching our heads a little. I mean, a proper dad shoe like the 991 combined with the most loved NB silhouette in the form of the 1500, doesn’t sound like it should work, right? Trust us, it’s a grower!

In our opinion, this is the story of 2016 for New Balance, and it is is all about the use of individually selected premium surplus materials from the world renowned Flimby Factory in England where some of the finest craftsmen and women work tirelessly to produce some of our favourite footwear.

There are only 1906 pairs of each silhouette from the “Surplus” Pack, which will be split across two separate drops, and every pair will come with an individually numbered hang-tag.

With a special pack like this, New Balance didn’t hesitate in getting some like-minded people involved in the project, which included our very own Rob Stewart, as well as Peter Jansson of Sneakersnstuff, Paul Ruffles of Size? and FootPatrol, Chris Aylen of The Drop Date and Crooked Tongues, and finally, Jorg Haas of BeingHunted, and have produced a special video below to coincide with the release.

The first drop of the Made in UK New Balance “Surplus” Pack will consist of the 991.5SP, 670SP, and the 576SP, which will release on September 3rd.

The second drop will then consist of the remaining silhouettes, which are the 577SP, 1500SP, and the 575SP.




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