Le Coq Sportif LCS R950 Gravure Jacquard


French engraving expertise is one of the most renowned and envied heritages in the world. So, it is perfectly natural for Le Coq Sportif to want to pay tribute to this technique and to draw inspiration from the works of Gustave Doré to feature on the profile of its LCS R950 this season.

The 19th-century illustrator, sculptor and engraver, Gustave Doré, was renowned in his lifetime for the illustrations he did for fables and tales, particularly those of Perrault which remain among the most famous.

It’s his work on “The Fox and the Crow” fable that was chosen to adorn the LCS R950. To faithfully adapt the works of Gustave Doré, le coq sportif has performed a technical feat, making the shoes’ upper entirely of extremely detailed jacquard.

The Gravure Jacquard LCS R950, with an insole featuring the illustrated story are available now.


Le Coq Sportif LCS R950 Gravure Jacquard
Optical White    
Price: £89.00


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