Le Coq Sportif “De Nîmes” Pack


The French origins of denim are frequently ignored and often attributed to the American jean giants. On the contrary, Nîmes is the town in which jeans fabric was invented, hence the word “Denim” (“from Nîmes”).

Le coq sportif wanted to showcase this very French technique, so has incorporated it onto the LCS R1000 and the Arthur Ashe, two of its iconic models.

The Arthur Ashe has been entirely covered with a patchwork of denim in different tones whereas, for the LCS R1000, three types of denim have been used to dress its athletic silhouette. The LCS R1000 and the Arthur Ashe, embellished with an original insole featuring a map of the suburbs of Nîmes, will be available from the 15th of April.


Le Coq Sportif LCS R1000 Denim
Dress Blue    
Price: £89.00


Le Coq Sportif Arthur Ashe Denim
Optical White    
Price: £79.00

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