LAUNCHES: KangaROOS x Schrittmacher "Shield MIG"

 KangaROOS latest collab with sneaker store "Schrittmacher" is the latest to land at HANON launches. Together they came up with a joint project dealing with the traditional pastry Stollen. The Christmas Stollen - a particularly rich butter-raisin Stollen is cultural history, a centuries-old baking tradition, lived passion and above all it's a maximum treat. 

For centuries, bakers and confectioners have passed this recipe from generation to generation. These and the unique composition of the organic ingredients are the secret of the incomparable stollen taste. There will be a 200g "Schrittmacher Stollen“ that comes with each shoe. The color gradient of the shoe is based on the main components of the stollen - citronate, orange peel, raisins and, of course, plenty of powdered sugar. The result of the collaboration is the limited edition of 303 pair of made in Germany.

KangaROOS X Schrittmacher "Shield MiG“ launches at HANON via an online raffle. Click the button below to enter...

KangaROOS x Schrittmacher "Shield MIG" 
Jet Black/Multi-Colour


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