Kickers Kick Hi x Hikerdelic

Like all the best things, Proper Magazine’s clothing brand ‘Hikerdelic’ started life purely as something they wanted to wear themselves. After an initial release of t-shirts, it turns out that lots of other people want to wear Hikerdelic too. Which is why Proper’s creators, Neil & Mark, can often be spotted wearing a jacket, rugby shirt, trousers and footwear, that all bear their witty portmanteau in the label.
Not ones for counting our blessings, when the opportunity came to collaborate on one of the most iconic shoes in the world, we jumped at the chance. The Kickers Kick Hi is more than a just a cool pair of boots, it’s the twentieth icon. Whether worn by French school kids having a crafty Gauloise on the channel ferry, ortho-obsessed 80s casuals, the revolutionary Rik from the Young Ones or a generation of bug-eyed ravers and pissed up Brit Poppers, the Kick Hi remains both exotic and ubiquitous.” – Neil Summers, Hikerdelic.
Not wanting to mess with a classic formula too much, the ‘Kick Hikerdelic’ product has kept the French DNA and added some Stockport ‘Je ne sais quoi into the mix. So expect three Autumnal tones of suede, a hiking lace option, a branded tongue, embossed logos and a very special Fleurette.

The Kickers Kick Hi x Hikerdelic launches at HANON on the 31st of October ONLINE; 23:00 GMT.

Kickers Kick Hi x Hikerdelic 
115712 / 115713 / 115714
Green / Blue / Yellow
Price: £89.00 
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