Karhu "Track & Field" Pack

Track and field is close to Karhu’s heart. Across the decades, Karhu has appeared on podiums at the Olympics and both national & collegiate championships. At its core, track and field’s various disciplines serve as the basis for all sports.” Karhu’s latest release of its Legend collection draws inspiration from the sport Karhu admire most: Track & Field
“In the 60s and 70s, when I was training and racing in Finland, I noticed the tracks had a unique colour compared to other countries, they were black! However, these tracks were really good for racing.”
Remarks Karhu Chairman, Franco Arese.

The Karhu "Track & Field" Pack launches on Friday the 3rd of August ONLINE; 23:00BST.

A passion for track and field and the different competition surfaces around the world influences the colour assortment and material selection in this concept. In this drop, Karhu delivers the Aria in two track-centric colour options. First out the blocks are a colour-blocked Aria with a warm rust suede heel and bold blue perforated toe box reminiscent of the track surface seen at the famed Drake Relays’ “Blue Oval”. A gum rubber outsole completes the shoe.

Karhu Aria "Track & Field" 
Burnt Ochre/Mykonos Blue
Price: £105.00
Launch: Friday 3rd of August ONLINE; 23:00BST

The second Aria option comes with a golden yellow suede forefoot resembling the track surface at the University of California’s Berkeley outdoor facility. Both options have a reworked booty construction that is thinner and more comfortable around the foot.

Karhu Aria "Track & Field"
June Bug/Green Sulphur
Price: £105.00
Launch: Friday 3rd of August ONLINE; 23:00BST

Joining the Aria on the podium is the Fusion 2.0 in a soft grey suede with off white tones creating a ‘sports’ inspired aesthetic inspired by pre-all-weather surfaces. when most track complexes, grey cinders with white chalk lines were the norm.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 "Track & Field"
Silver Birch/Castor Gray
Price: £115.00
Launch: Friday 3rd of August ONLINE; 23:00BST

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