Karhu Night Sky Pack

Karhu captures the calming experience of staring into the depths of a Finnish night sky in with their latest take on the Aria running shoe.
In winter, darkness comes early casting muted hues of blue and green high above, while the horizon glows of yellow and orange as the sun drops behind tree lines. The Aria “Night Sky” Pack represents an appreciation for quiet hours, dropping temperatures and the tranquil moments of being outdoors after dark.

The Night Sky Pack consists of two Aria colour ways both made from pigskin suede with perforated toe boxes. The colour blocking of the first option features warm orange, browns and blue atop a speckled EVA midsole. The second option blends cooler greens, hushed blues and grey on the same speckled EVA midsole. To set the pack apart.

Karhu invites you to look upward in search for the remarkable colour story found in the “Night Sky” Pack. Or hop on our site Thursday December 6th at 23:00 GMT to see both pairs launch.  

Karhu Aria 'Nightsky'
Sky/June Bug
Price: £115.00
Launch: Thursday December 6th ONLINE; 23:00GMT

Karhu Aria 'Nightsky'
Sky/Burnt Ochre
Price: £115.00
Launch: Thursday 6th of December ONLINE; 23:00GMT