Karhu 'Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring' Pack

Spring in Finland is very short and it is the season of extremes. Up North, the chance is high that you can still go skiing while in the South, it gets warmer and starts getting greener. After a long, dark, and cold winter, spring is the season the Finns have been waiting for. The sun starts shining, the temperature rises, and life outside is getting better and better.

To emphasize the contrast between a white winter and a green spring, Karhu brings these two different worlds together on the Synchron Classic and Legacy 96.
The Karhu 'Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring' Pack is available to buy ONLINE now through the button below!

Karhu Legacy 'Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring'
Bayou/Jet Black
Price: £109.00.

Karhu Synchron Classic 'Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring'
Price: £115.00.

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