Kangaroos Omnirun MIG "Ocean 72"

The *Ocean 72* by KangaROOS is far more than just another Sneaker release. KangaROOS’s latest joint offering see’s Bracenet get involved. Bracenet is an organization with one aim: to make everyone aware of the danger caused by ghost nets in the ocean. They account for 46% of plastic waste in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Together with their partners they retrieve and clean the ghost nets all over the world and convert them into bracelets.
This collaborative Omnirun is handcrafted in Germany and is strictly limited to 380 pairs around the globe. Its upper is primarily made of recycled plastic bottles. Every shoe contains a keychain produced by Bracenet (bracenet.net), made from old fishing nets that have strayed into the deeps of the Ocean – each salvaged net is cleaned and optimized for its new use. The focus is on our Planet. KangaROOS & Bracenet want to make people think about what each and every one of us is doing to nature – more or less indirectly – especially when you consider 72% of the planet is covered in water.

KangaROOS & Bracenet chose to work on the Omnirun silhouette – a hybrid combination of Kanga- ROOS classical Omnicoil, from which the sneaker got its upper – and the sole unit of the Ultimate, a long-time runner out of the ROOS heritage archives.  KangaROOS are committed to Using only the highest quality in leathers and non-animal-based resources.

The KangaROOS Omnirun x Bracenet 'Ocean 72' launches at HANON via an ONLINE Raffle on our HANON Launches site. Raffle entry is now open via the button below. Entries close on Friday 3rd of May at 12:00 BST

KangaROOS Omnirun x Bracenet 'Ocean 72'
Ocean Blue
Price: £209.00

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