Kangaroos Coil-R1 MIG x Urbanpeople “Glacier”

The collaboration between the traditional „Made in Germany“-Sneakerbrand from Pirmasens and the Swiss Allrounders focuses on just one theme: glaciers!

These impressive natural phenomenons are still quite common in the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. Glaciers are a mirror of time and they need some key factors to emerge. This is exactly what happend while urbanpeople.com and KangaROOScollaborated. Knowing each other for a while, discussing some concepts, and the will to create something together were the hotbed for the Coil-R1 „Glacier“, which will probably affect the sneaker-culture slowly but lasting.

he Design on mudguard, upper and heel was arranged to be simple, featuring two high-quality, light blue suedes from calf. All logos have been embossed by a brass-stamp. The tongue got extended and lined a bit to perfect the models’ silhouette. Anavy heelcounter plus outsole build the contrast while white eyelets in the lacings last hole lend remarkable accents. The white lining corresponds just perfect with the two tails on the outside. The inside part of the heel was reinforced with a superstrong and elastic goat leather. You’ll find the tunnel entry on the back of the heel as a hint to the surprisingly red insole, referring to the color of the Swiss Clacier Express, which is famous for smooth glidings through the fascinating landscape with enormous power.

The Coil-R1 „Glacier“ is a quiet but sustainable classic for the streets! Manufactured in Germany and designed by El Zapatillaz Tio & M.A. the Coil-R1„Glacier“ comes with an extraordinary packaging. Four different laces, an exclusive pair of socks produced by Swiss DillySocks and a special totebag with graphics from MM75 Design complete this one-of-a-kind collabo.

Kangaroos Coil-R1 MIG x Urbanpeople “Glacier”
Launch: Saturday 27th May 00:01BST
Price: £209.00


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