KangaROOS Bright Side of the Moon / Dark Side of the Moon

50 years ago, a group of 3 changed history forever. Apollo 11 reached the Moon on July 20th, 1969 after travelling 240,000 miles in 76 hours. A mission manned by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Armstrong was the first human to step out of the lunar module and plant a foot onto the surface if the moon.
10 years later, in much less dramatic and history-changing circumstances, a Boston based architect and athletic enthusiast invented a sneaker with a pocket to store keys in whilst running his morning routine distance of 10K. Bob Gamm designed the product for his own personal use, but then he realized there was a market for his invention and started to offer KangaROOS very effectively. When searching for a proper shock absorption system, Bob came across DYNACOIL and was fascinated right away. The tubular nylon fabric was developed by NASA for the Apollo space program and used for shock absorption in the astronauts' suits and boots – even during the moon landings! Bob decided to refine it for the use in KangaROOS’ midsoles.

This August KangaROOS bring these two missions together - on the Bright and the Dark Side of the Moon enlisting a classic silhouette from the archives: the ULTIMATE.
The KangaROOS Ultimate “Dark & Light Side Of The Moon” pack coming soon to HANON…

KangaROOS Ultimate OG "Bright Side Of The Moon"
Price: £95.00

KangaROOS Ultimate OG "Darkside Of The Moon"
Price: £95.00

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