Introducing Spektrum Sports

You need some.
Especially with the way this Summer is going, which also begs the question, why waste money on some cheap plastic service station numbers or even expensive ones that can't handle what you throw at them when you could be wearing sunglasses from the future?
We're not talking gimmicks here or sunglasses made in Silicon Valley that let you watch YouTube videos whilst you glaze over some mundane small chat. No, we're talking sunglasses made from beans... Now, before you rush off to the kitchen cupboards to fashion yourself a pair of Wayfarers from a can of Heinz 57 varieties and think that we're having you on, we'd like to introduce you all to the newest brand to hit our virtual shelves; Spektrum Sports.
Spektrum was born in the mountains of Sweden by a group of friends, all from the mountain town of Åre, whom share a passion for a life lived outdoors and the wild. The weather Åre in weather changes in the blink of an eye (sounds familiar), from extreme arctic sunlight to deep winter darkness; from heavy snowfall to fog and stormy rain (are they sure they're not from up here? ). The group all shared a love of snowboarding & skiing and in their winter sport pursuits became familiar with the specific kit and garb one needs to get out there, so it's safe to say they've learnt a thing or two about what works outdoors.
Spektrum was founded with the vision to become the world’s most sustainable performance eyewear brand and by doing so giving all us a better – and cleaner way to enjoy nature. Sounds ambitious, but as Spektrum put it, they see no other way Having lived their whole lives in the mountains, they've seen first hand the impact mankind has had on nature and as a result, are determined to minimize the footprint of their actions. Pretty commendable stuff we must say. So, how do they go about minimizing their efforts? Did we mention the beans yet?
Spektrum work closely together with Sweden’s leading scientists and the Sports Tech Research Center at Mid Sweden University. The fruits of which are seen in Spektrum's performance eyewear wing, which produces their frames with polyamide made from oil extracted from the amazing castor bean. Their high-performance frames are made mainly from castor oil and reduces the overall CO2 emissions by an impressive 46% compared to conventional materials. The carbon in castor oil is also 100% derived from atmospheric CO2 and not from CO2 locked in ancient fossils. The material is also lighter and more durable than comparable materials delivering increased performance and comfort. Castor beans are a fantastic crop, able to thrive in meager soils where other plants won’t survive -, or land on which animals can graze. Spektrum even ensure their castor beans are fully traceable, sustainably grown in India and pose no competition with food, causes no deforestation or use any GMO.
Truly some tomorrow's world stuff - sunglasses from beans?! It's a lot of information to take in how exactly they do it all and what makes the styles so good but fear not we've pawed over the extensive data and science stuff so you don't have to, all in the name of offering you all some pretty nice sunglasses.

Scroll down to get to grips with the full offering from Spektrum, and shop the full range of Spektrum Eyewear at HANON via the button below!

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