IN FOCUS: Lightweight Jackets

The weather in Scotland is well known, largely for it being dreich the majority of the time… Despite the connotations, there’s a distinct charm and beauty to those rain-sodden moody conditions. It provides us power and nurtures the craft of some of the world’s finest ‘Uisge Beatha’ or 'Water of Life' to translate, as well as providing ample inspiration to artists, filmmakers, photographers, and shoe collaborators alike.   

Having once been officially judged to be the windiest country in Europe and with parts of Scotland being some of the wettest in Europe (receiving up to 3 meters of rain over 250 days a year), it’s fair to say we’ve learnt to live with the inclement dreich conditions well. Take it from us, you need a good jacket! We’ve pawed through our rails to pick out some favourites that are on the site right now. We’re talking wondrous waterproofing wizardry from Gore-Tex, the age-old craft of waxed cotton courtesy of our good friends Halley Stevensons and modern outdoor wonderment from Nike’s ACG line and adidas’ Terrex division respectively.

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