Hummel Hive Reach LX6000 x Astrid Andersen

Looking to bring their century-long archive to the forefront, hummel® have partnered with local designer Astrid Andersen to debut the all-new REACH LX6000, an advanced fusion of heritage sports aesthetics and pioneering footwear construction.
Marshall Hook, Head of Design at hummel, defines the collab as a fusion of minimalism, athleticism, and performance – with a captivating mash-up of design elements:
"The REACH LX6000 was the perfect silhouette for this collab as it possesses some very sporty elements – not just in terms of the design and the pattern of the upper – but the midsole compound itself," he explains. "This is something that we use on our top performance handball shoes. It's really fusing together fashion and contemporary streetwear with performance and athletics."
The Hummel Hive Reach LX6000 x Astrid Andersen is available to buy ONLINE NOW through the button below!

Hummel Hive Reach LX6000 x Astrid Andersen
Price: £140.00

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