HANON x Diadora N9000 'Alternative Route'

In 2014, HANON joined forces with Italian sports brand and footwear specialists Diadora to present the ‘Saturday Special’ N9000. As a celebration of the model’s 30th anniversary, and to commemorate an enduring partnership, we rewind to the start and bring to life the ‘Alternative Route’ - a B-side colourway unearthed from our original drawings.

Our edition of the N9000 is a continuation of the ‘Saturday Special’ theme, a concept inspired by the emergence of football casual culture and the impact of Italian sportswear in the UK during the 80’s. To some, the scourge of society and to others a cultural moment in time, the fierce rivalries at football grounds brought trouble, but were also intertwined with one upmanship and a sense of style on the terraces where brands such as Diadora were worn with pride.

At the height of unrest amongst football fans, train services were chartered to ferry supporters to away matches for the safety of themselves and others. These train services utilised redundant carriages and were known as the ‘Football’ or ‘Saturday Special’.

The N9000 is an original running model straight from Diadora’s 1990 catalogue, and keeping in line with the brand’s heritage and excellence in Italian footwear production, the ‘Alternative Route’ is handcrafted at the original Diadora factory in the renowned Montebelluna district of Caerano di San Marco.

To capture the spirit of the original 2014 release, we applied a premium material treatment to the upper and have up-specced the N9000, taking inspiration from Diadora’s buttersoft football boots and legendary tennis shoes of the 80’s. As a result, our HANON edition features a plush nappa leather application offset with rich silky pigskin overlays and is complete with the same premium closed mesh as per the first two editions.

As per the inaugural N9000 ‘Saturday Special’, the colour palette of the HANON N9000 ‘Alternative Route’ is once again influenced by 80's trains and buses, and is a mix of teal green and marine blue, with fiery red callouts which are contrasted by black on the tongue. Attention to detail appears by way of an old school multi print on the sockliner and tongue backer, whilst dual branding is featured via our Flame logo - embroidered on the heel and tongue.

The HANON x Diadora N9000 ‘Alternative Route’ will be offered only by HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE which will begin on Friday 22nd January and end on Friday 29th January. Each pair will come complete with three lace sets, gold foil labels, 1-to-1 box, and an additional printed cotton dust bag.

The online raffle is closed.

Product Details:

SKU Code: 177446-60104
Colour: Blue Ocean Depths
Price: £180.00.

Size Break: UK4 / UK4.5 / UK5 / UK5.5 / UK6 / UK6.5 / UK7 / UK7.5 / UK8 / UK8.5 / UK9 / UK9.5 / UK10 / UK10.5 / UK11 / UK11.5 / UK12 / UK12.5

Continua a bruciare.

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