HANON Presents: Mizuno 'Fisherman' Pack

As a nation, Japan’s alluring character is said to reflect that of an ‘island nation mentality’ - referring directly to a sense of being self-contained, isolated from potential neighbours by vast bodies of water on all four sides. Irrespective of whimsical accuracy, there’s no doubting the vitality of surrounding seas in sculpting Japanese culture as we see it today, the past, societal standards beyond art and underlying identity.
Fishing towns are rife with inspiration, contrasting the pace of everyday life with dramatic scenery - idyllic tranquillity as it resides naturally. Tapping into Japanese fishing towns for notes of forgotten wonder, this collection pays homage to water and its ever-changing form - overlaying wide-set mesh netting with notoriously premium nylon, thick suede and a palette transitioning from blue to grey.
We took the pack to Footdee - or Fittie as it is known by locals - which is a charming mid 19th century former fishing community in Aberdeen where the cottages all face inwards in squares with their backs to the ocean for protection against storms raging in from the sea.
Scroll down to check it out, and the Mizuno 'Fisherman' Pack is also available to buy online now through the button below!
Adopting designer Tuan Lee’s initials as a series-determining suffix, the Wave Mujin TL is the Mujin-line’s sixth instalment - an iteration that combines age-old sketches with an extra grippy Michelin outsole resulting in a functional, sleek aesthetic with wearable sophistication
Mizuno Wave Mujin TL 
D1GA2263 01
Bering Sea/Silver/Silver Blue
Price: £160.00
First launched in 2007 to celebrate a decade of the Wave Rider series, Tuan Lee’s Wave Rider 10 was introduced for the neutral runner that seeks out a cushioned yet responsive ride. Beneath perforated suede and retro styling, Mizuno’s thermoplastic Wave Technology insert is embedded into the very DNA of this silhouette providing a unique combination of cushioning, stability and energy return.
Mizuno Wave Rider 10 
D1GA2265 01
Bering Sea/Bering Sea/Silver Blue
Price: £140.00
The Wave Prophecy LS is plucked from Mizuno’s back catalogue of louder silhouettes, and is based on Yoshitaka Takahashi’s Wave Prophecy 8 silhouette as he combined a futuristic aesthetic of the brand’s full-length Infinity Wave midsole with AIRmesh breathability to create the brand’s high-end performance runner.
Mizuno Wave Prophecy LS
D1GA2261 01
Bering Sea/Silver Cloud/Silver Blue
Price: £225.00
Shop the Mizuno 'Fisherman' Pack now through the button below!
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