HANON for Mizuno - Desert Meditations Pack

Mizuno presents the "Desert Meditations" Pack. Calming colours with transcendent textures sit blissfully upon high-tech sole units offering unbound comfort. Lightweight mesh uppers let your feet breathe with thick suede cuts overlaying to create outdoor ready silhouettes. The pack comprises The Wave Mujin TL, The Wave Rider 10 & the Wave Prophecy LS. Taking it's  inspiration from d
eserts around the globe all sharing the same mystery. First look they feel dreary and uniform, those infinite realms are rich of endless subtleties. From the textures of the ground to the gradient of light in the dunes, deserts hold in their essence a very high natural sophistication.

We took to the dunes in Balmedie to align chakras and see what Mizuno have cooked up. You can enter the ONLINE RAFFLE for the Mizuno 'Desert Meditations' pack via the button below.

 The great open landscapes filled with silence and stillness have offered the ultimate hiding place for self-reflection. The emptiness of their landscapes offers to the tormented soul the rest it needs to find the inner balance.

To meditate on the desert is to meditate on emptiness. It is to go beyond the clutter of thoughts and emotions, and to find the vast open space within us. 
The past years have taught mankind that tranquility and peace are needed to be found within oneself, because physically escaping to a far away place might not be possible. Deserts become a representation of mindfulness and self-reflection. 

Taking inspiration from the rising need of consciousness and balance, the Desert Meditations Pack tells a story of abstract dream beyond the horizon of sand. 

The pack reflects that aspect with its muted palette and soft materials applied to the most iconic shapes. The light blue details on the beige and off-white structure of the shoes represent an oasis, a moment of self-discovery and acceptance. On the oasis, the traveler can finally rest and start an introvert work, till the deepest layers of his soul. 

All three styles are currently live on our launches site until Thursday 28th July, scroll down to enter.
Mizuno Wave Mujin TL "Desert Meditations"
CremeB/OpalGray/Heather Colourway
Price: £160.00.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy LS "Desert Meditations"
WhtSmoke/OpalGray/Heather Colourway
Price: £230.00.

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 "Desert Meditations"
CremeB/CremeB/GingerRoot Colourway
Price: £140.00.

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