FIRST LOOK: Mizuno GV87 x F U T U R

I was going to try and draw some clever comparisons between the world of cuisine and constructing nicely put together sneakers, but I’ve quickly realised I don’t know my Nouvelle from my Haute. So, I’ll just stick to the footwear. Here we have a study in minimalism, quality and ultimately wear-ability from Parisian label FUTUR’s latest link up with storied Japanese sportswear brand Mizuno.  Fresh from dropping their latest seasonal collection of tight contemporary streetwear staples FUTUR turn their attention to reworking the Mizuno GV87.
A lesser-seen sight in Mizuno’s arsenal of styles, the GV87 predates Mizuno’s explosive ‘Wave’ cushioning tech arriving in that sweet spot of running shoes that existed from the mid-’80s onwards to the veritable boom times of the 1990s.  This classic understated yet utterly familiar sight makes it the perfect canvas for FUTUR to apply their signature mix of quality and downright wearable hues. Not straying too far from the original design philosophy FUTUR deck out the uppers in plush suede with a reassuring nap that offers a highly satisfying contrast to the geometric textures of the lightweight mesh. A Mizuno Runbird logo features in tonal off-white leather while subtle colour pops appear on the heel via a turquoise splash (on the cream pair) and a dash of chilli red (on the black pair). To sign things off and let us know who’s responsible for these very wearable runners FUTUR add a clean woven tongue label, micro runbird embroider on the toe, Subtle logo screen prints on the footbed and a woven flag label on the heel wrap akin to the ones that adorn their premium heavyweight tees.
Ideal for wearing with just about anything we reckon, these GV87’s by FUTUR have got your back whether your plating up, chowing down or just trying to get from A to B. Compliments to the chef.

The Mizuno GV87 x FUTUR launches at HANON via online raffle. Click the button beneath to enter.

Mizuno GV87 x FUTUR
Price: £99.00

Mizuno GV87 x FUTUR 
Price: £99.00

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