New to HANON for Spring Summer 2019 are cult  brand ARIES. Founded in 2011 by Sofia Prantera & Fergus Purcell. ARIES have built a strong following due to their irreverent sense of humour & strong references underpinning a distinctive and unique brand of graphics. Anyway, that’s enough from us waxing lyrical on ARIES undeniable rave-themed charm. We’ll let ARIES words do the talking for us. Scroll down to read what ARIES are all about and to see some of the  highlights of the stuff you can expect to see on the site soon!

ARIES First drop of Spring Summer 19 launching at HANON on Friday January 11th

“I had struggled with reconciling my love for fashion, beautifully made and cut clothes, and sartorial experimentation with the love for street wear, anti-fashion youth movements and trash culture in general so, as we sat writing our first manifesto, we decided that Aries should encompass all these elements.”

“We wanted Aries to be a return to that 80s sensibility where street wear was fashion and vice versa. I make most of our patterns myself and we hand dye and hand print in the studio. I like going against conventional pattern-cutting rules.”
“I love that we can create pieces with first hand experimentation which would be almost impossible to make within the constraints of a high street brand. We can also be a lot less wasteful – using off cuts of leather to make jeans labels, reusing leftover fabric and denim to patch jeans. This is the challenge for any new brand now – to keep it original, experimental and a little subversive while still being able to survive in a crowded market, constricted by the demands of big generic retailers and sweat shop prices.”

ARIES Wizards Long Sleeve Tee 
Price: £85.00
Launch: Friday 11th of January 

SPAR60007-BK / SPAR60007-WH
Black / White
Price: £69.00
Launch: Friday 11th of January 

ARIES Moonhenge SS Tee
Price: £69.00
Launch: Friday 11th of January

ARIES Basic Crew 
SPAR20000-BK / SPAR20000-KH
BLack / Khaki
Price: £145.00
Launch: Friday 11th of January

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