First Look : Anglozine SS20

Anglozine is the continental streetwear label for fanzine educated boys and girls… but for SS20 they’re swapping the concrete jungle for life on the water. ‘Every Brit, it seems, has a romance with Le Sud’ says Anglozine founder Reuben Billingham of the French region that inspired his new collection. ‘It’s so vivid in the Brit psyche, like we’ve already been there. It has an almost cinematic quality.’

And though the south of France has long proved fertile ground for sartorially-minded imaginations, this is a line that’s deeply personal – not to mention very specific. Billingham came up with the starting point for SS20 whilst sitting onboard its namesake, the Gascogne, a family boat he’s been visiting since 1993. He says ‘The Gascogne is a lot like Anglozine – it’s not moored in a poncey area, and it’s worked hard [but] after the decks have been scrubbed it still looks the part.’ And the brand already boasts nautical kudos – ‘We know our way around boats, the Anglozine logo is very similar to the maritime code flag letter A.’

The peniche Gascogne was made around 1950 and was first used to transport vines, coal, and wood around the Petit Rhone. It was purchased by a new and young (not to mention speedo-clad) captain, Georges, in 1969 and since the 70s the boat has floated serenely from Arles to Avignon, Toulouse to Etang du Monro, like a home from home and holiday getaway.

It’s this true, laid-back south of France - untouched by the jet set, that is reflected in Anglozine’s collection. ‘The get up we wear in the rat race is alien to a fluvial way of life. Pack that stuff and you look like the baddies in Superman 2 down there. But on the boat, on the Gascogne, we’d find gems to wear that helped us to blend in like locals, items that had been left onboard over the years – family heirlooms, and pieces that had been leftover from when it was a party boat, many moons ago.’

This is the heart of the SS20 range - the kind of clothing needed for that alt-Riviera lifestyle, the juxtaposition of working on deck and long, lazy evenings - clothing just like those discovered on the Gascogne. Hero piece the Colony coat came from a 70s workwear find, ‘I’d never seen anything like the original’ says Billingham. ‘Bright yellow and rubberized. But as soon as you slim it down a touch and change the fabric it’s neat as you like.’

Other adaptations from the treasure trove found onboard the Gascogne resulted in more collection standouts. ‘The button-down jersey is French military from WWII - I just had to lengthen it, and the cords with coachman pockets came from a pair apparently bought somewhere near Foyles bookshop around 1971 by the skipper.’

There’s also a genuine Matelot jersey with a landlubber tweak (can any self-respecting nautical collection be without one?) and car coats, short zip military jackets, beach shirts complete with useful pockets for your Gauloise, a replica Gascogne III printed t-shirt, and needlecord beach hats and tote. The colour palette is inspired by the region and the boat: Aqua blue, sand, buoy yellow, brilliant deck white and pebble grey.
Anglozine is a truly European venture – as well as the collection’s Gallic flavour, design takes place in London and all the pieces are made in the U.K and Italy using the best materials possible. A final word? ‘The Gascogne is still going and so are we - not just treading water, we’re making quite a splash!

The Anglozine SS20 Collection is available to buy online now via the button below.

Anglozine Arels Windbreaker 
Price: £395.00

Anglozine Med T-Shirt
Golden Yellow
Price: £69.00

Anglozine Colony Coat 
Price: £249.00

Anglozine Midi Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Price: £85.00

Anglozine Etang Beach Shirt 
Price: £175.00

Anglozine Gascogne Print T-Shirt 
Price: £39.00

Anglozine Uzes Honeycomb Crew Neck
Crey/Golden Yellow
Price: £195.00

Anglozine Beauduc Stripe Neck Cardigan 
Price: £199.00

Anglozine Gard Stripe Jacket
Price: £250.00

Anglozine Peniche Button Down Jersey 
Price: £139.00 

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