EVENT RECAP: A night of food & drink with HANON & adidas

Ahead of the launch of the adidas Originals Triest, we headed to Edinburgh to celebrate with a night of food & drink at Scotland’s oldest Delicatessen and Italian Wine Merchant, Valvona & Crolla.
The port city of Trieste is often described as a 'maritime gateway' because of its location, and the city represents a true convergence of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures where Central Europe meets the Med. 
In Trieste, rather than restaurants or agricultural tourism establishments, there are Osmizas which is a unique social, cultural, and culinary features of North-East Italy. They are places where local wines and traditional foods can be purchased and enjoyed just where they are produced. 
The Osmiza, or Osmica in Slovenian, is a tradition that dates back to the time of Maria Theresa of Austria. In 1784, peasants were authorized to sell wines and foods that they produced directly in their cellars, and this permission to sell lasted for periods of eight consecutive days (from which Osmiza derives, since eight in Slovenian is "osem") or multiples of eight throughout the year.
In the province of Trieste, primarily in the Karst plateau area, there are about 50 Osmizas, and open Osmizas are still marked with a bundle of branches clearly visible along the street and on the house where it is located.
So, to celebrate the launch of the adidas Originals Triest, we took inspiration from this tradition and hosted our very own Osmiza for one night only, and invited along friends of HANON to mingle and strike up relationships over good food and drink just like an authentic Italian Osmiza.
Location Information:
Founded in 1934, and operating from their original premises in Edinburgh, Valvona & Crolla is one of Europe’s original Specialist Food Shops. From their humble beginnings, serving the fledgling immigrant Italian community in old Edinburgh, they now list food products and wines from around the world, and supply the whole of the UK. As an independent family business, their roots are firmly planted in tradition and although their growth is nourished by technology, their future lies in the pursuit of ever-increasing quality, value, and service in all that they do, making it the perfect venue to host our very own Osmiza. 
Valvona & Crolla Delicatessen & Caffè Bar
19 Elm Row,
Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a selection of Italian beers, wines, and cocktails, and served a trio of delicious canapes before being taken through to the restaurant space.
The event was opened by HANON before Francesco of Valvona & Crolla took everyone through the menu which was made up of sharing platters, desserts, and wines. The food was, of course, followed by Limoncello, and the evening was wound down with some traditional Italian games such as cards, dominoes, and Briscola.
The evening was soundtracked by Paul Harrison on piono, Ed Kelly on bass, and Jim Dummond on drums who played an arrangement of popular Italian melodies interspersed with tasteful background jazz.
As guests were leaving, they were presented with a pair of the adidas Originals Triest in branded deli-inspired packaging and paired with a bespoke tote bag. 
Scroll down to check out some images from our very own Osmiza!
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