EVENT RECAP: adidas #NITEJOGGER 'It's Never Too Late'

Last week, in anticipation of the adidas Originals #NITEJOGGER release, we travelled South to London to celebrate. Heading to Peckham in the South East, we arrived at an abandoned garage which had been given a complete Nite Jogger themed overhaul with fuel pumps, flowers, papers, and even donuts. Upon arrival, we were given an envelope containing a credit card which we used to lift out some 'cash' to spend on activities within the event space.
After spending some time checking out the petrol station area, at 8PM, the huge metal shutter towards the back lifted and we gained entry into what can only be described as a warehouse lined with special rooms dedicated to content creation, footwear scanning, and also t-shirt printing. Not to forget about our bellies, Morley's Chicken was also on-hand which went down an absolute treat.
If fried chicken wasn't enough for you, then how about some pizza? The music came to a halt as four, maybe five, scooters drove into the event with their horns blaring and each delivered a stack of pizzas. The soundtrack to the evening was supplied by Selecta Suave, Ambush, and Tiffany Calver. 
Huge thanks to adidas for having us. Check out some shots below from the event!

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