Dr. Martens x BEAMS x Babylon

Dr. Martens have joined forces with Beams and Babylon for the third 1460 Remastered collaboration. Marking 60 years of rebellion and pushing boundaries, Dr Martens celebrates their shared ethos for music and alternative subcultures. 
For the third collaboration, not one but two world-renowned creatives have remastered the most iconic 1460 Boot. Babylon, for those unfamiliar, were founded in 2015, by Garrett Stevenson and Lee Spielman. The LA-based brand is a throwback to classic, fearless branding, putting their own signature spin on nostalgic imagery from the past. The classic look and feel of Babylon, along with the following it has built, are authentic and true to its cultural identity, riding a fine line between its punk rock, core skate roots and the upper echelon of fashion, having worked with brands like Spitfire, Off-White, Converse, Neighborhood, Budweiser, and more. Since its inception, Babylon has placed a great priority on building its community, hosting pop-ups and events across the globe, providing a more memorable experience than simply buying clothes.
BEAMS, The pioneers of modern minimalism. Previously, Dr Martens collaborations with Japanese lifestyle brand Beams have been clean and minimalistic. But by throwing the hardcore-skate stylings of LA label Babylon into the mix, Dr Martens crank up a shared punk heritage.

The Dr Martens 1460 Boot x BEAMS x Babylon launches via an ONLINE RAFFLE on our HANON LAUNCHES. Click the button beneath to enter.

Dr Martens 1460 Boot x Dr Martens
Black Smooth Leather
Price: £159.00

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