Dr Martens Made In England 'CF Stead Pack'

Illustrious British shoemaker Dr Martens team up with the storied CF Steads Tannery of Leeds to present a lux-take on the Doc's iconic 1461 shoe. We thought it was time to have a quick look back Dr Martens undeniable pedigree for producing boots and being a symbol of self-expression.

Dr Martens are about as legitimate as it gets in both the realms of craftsmanship and having roots in British subculture. The outfit began life at the turn of the 20th century in Wollaston, Northamptonshire. A shoemaking powerhouse once dubbed 'the shoemaking capital of the world' and home to the British Footwear Association to boot (pun may or may not have been intended). Over the next 6 decades, Dr Martens (then known as Griggs Footwear) would establish themselves at the very heart of the British shoe industry producing dependable and hard-wearing work boots for the masses. 
By the time 1960 rolled around Griggs footwear happened upon an innovative footwear solution by Dr. Klaus Maertens & business partner Dr. Herbert Funck. The innovation, the now world-famous 'Air Wair' orthopaedic sole unit. Griggs Footwear licensed the rubber unit albeit with a few changes namely that instantly recognisable yellow stitch on the welt and the Dr Martens 'Bouncing Sole' was born.

The 1970s & '80s may very well be the period that made Dr Martens what it is today. 
Martin Roach author of the Dr Marten’s book on the brand's relationship with rebellious self-expression remarks that the start of the ’70s saw the humble Dr Martens boot hauled out of the workplace and thrust into the world of music and street tribes. “Beginning an association with youth subculture that arguably remains unparalleled. In the decades since its inception, this essentially utilitarian item has been adopted by an ever-increasingly diverse array of wearers.”  The decade of glam, punk, Two-Tone and early goth saw each successive new tribes adopt the boot and subvert the style of the previous wearers – yet large sections of the anti-establishment underground continually championed Dr. Martens. By the end of the decade, the boot had become a fierce symbol of self-expression at the very heart of British youth culture. The 80s saw the world embrace the Dr Martens boot, thanks to some wider distribution making the shoe more readily available, the US punk & hardcore scene instantly recognised the credentials after touring in the UK and soon adopted the iconic boot. 

Joe Strummer of the Clash, Pauline Black of the Selector & Graham MacPherson (Suggs) of Madness.

An important note in the long history of Dr Martens adoption and one that goes some way to explaining their enduring charm & popularity today, was the sales of small men’s size boots which in turn alerted Dr Martens to a street trend for girls buying, then customising their docs. With some of the most recognisable customs using hand-painted floral designs. This sense of creativity to this day drives the brand and its relationship with creatives, musicians & self-expression which certainly hasn't wained in this new hyper-connected world. Championing bands and acts with energy and collectives that push new ideas and support communities of creatives. A personal favourite piece of Dr Martens promo of late was a recent clip shot in Glasgow, chatting to the brains behind the excellent Clyde Built Radio. This progressive, inclusionary current day thinking carries itself into the brand's output of product as well. Dr Martens produce all vegan alternatives to their classic styles as well as focusing on putting out quality products using materials that are not only outstanding but close to their factory in Wellingborough.

Step forward the Made In England CF Steads pack. Featuring the 1461 shoe. Crafted at the original site using suedes from Leeds esteemed tannery CF Steads a traditional family business, passionate about making fine suede leathers. Utilising a 'Desert Oasis' fashion suede with a soft and chunky handle. As opposed to Stead's more classic, formal suedes. The raw material is specially selected and tanned to achieve a relaxed, sporty look with a rugged nap. The longer nap and more open structure gives the leather a unique texture and casual look but still retains the richness we look to achieve in all Stead's suedes. Scroll down to acquaint yourself with the latest offering from Dr Martens Originals line.

As the great Alexei Sayle once said, “It’s not class or ideology colour, creed or roots the only thing that unites us is Doctor Martens boots.
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Dr Martens MIE 1461 CF Stead "Red Alert"
Red Alert
Price: £179.00

Dr Martens MIE 1461 CF STEAD "Chestnut"
Price: £179.00

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