LAUNCHES: Dr. Martens 1460 x Pleasures

Sixty years have passed since Dr Martens first 1460 boot rolled off the production line. And to celebrate, Dr Martens has partnered with 12 brands, labels and designers for 12 one-off collaborations. And it’s time for the 6th. Blending the LA-label’s aesthetic with Dr Martens iconic silhouette, June 2020 sees Pleasures return for a celebration of music, heritage and alternative subculture.
Staying true to Pleasures’ style of mixing the past and the present, brand founder Alex James wanted to fuse the raw, resounding energy of Punk Rock with the glossy, modernistic feel of New Wave. It’s a collaboration that’s not just a fusion of brands — but a collision of genres. A merging of subcultures that have helped to shape both Pleasures and Dr. Martens.
Raised among the punk and hardcore scene of the late 90s, Alex James says Docs were always part of the uniform. A staple in his wardrobe since he can remember, his relationship with the Original boot goes way back. James wanted to highlight that it’s not just DM’s construction that’s durable. The 1460 boot has weathered countless trends, eras and subcultures — all while staying true to its core design.
Reimagining the timeless silhouette, James tied in his own experience to this idea of genre-crossing design. Growing up listening to Punk in a circle of friends who listened to New Wave, the designer picked out two subcultures that meant something to him personally, and each had a chapter in Dr. Martens history. During a visit to the Cobbs Lane factory, he asked the Dr Martens boot makers if they had ever split a boot in half before. “The general consensus was ‘no’. And I was like: Let’s make it!” Made up of two clashing materials — the polished patent of New Wave and tough DM’s Smooth for Punk — the 1460 Pleasures boot shouts about Dr. Martens history of merging, uniting and representing multiple music genres. “PLEASURES NOW” is branded down the heel strip, and the boot comes with dual laces and hook eyelets and arrives in bespoke packaging that commemorates Dr. Martens 60th anniversary.

The Dr Martens 1460 Boot x Pleasures launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Click the button beneath to enter.

Dr MArtens 1460 x Pleasures
Black Smooth Leather/Black Patent Lamper
Price: £159.00
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