Diadora x BAIT x Dreamworks “Felix” & “Shrek”

BAIT has teamed up with Dreamworks Studios for an ongoing Diadora series inspired by some of the most iconic characters in animated movie history as Shrek and Felix the cat.

The ‘Made In Italy’ variety of the Diadora N9000 has always been one of the best running silhouettes to transform into a lifestyle offering as we can see in Shrek where the olive colour choices mixed with premium suede, apricot leather, and heathered canvas creates a rich affair inspired by none other than everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek. The outsole is even speckled with straw particles while a unique printed insole showcases Shrek with triple branding from BAIT, Diadora, and Dreamworks.

Diadora N.9000 x BAIT x Dreamworks “Shrek”
Grey Turbine
Launch: Saturday 11th February 00:01GMT
Price: £179.00


Meanwhile, the Felix the cat, features a black and white colorway inspired by Felix built with premium Italian-made quality in velvet suede, tumbled nubuck, and Augusta Italian leather. The outsole as in Shrek, features speckled midsole accents with a unique printed insole featuring Felix.

Diadora N.9000 x BAIT x Dreamworks “Felix”
Launch: Saturday 11th February 00:01GMT
Price: £159.00



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