Diadora V7000 & S8000 x TGWO “Caligula” & “Nerone”

Earlier this year, Diadora and The Good Will Out worked on a Made in Italy pack dubbed the “Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire” which features the coveted V7000 and S8000 silhouettes.

The collaboration highlights two very important people from that historic time period – Caligula, a Roman Emperor from AD 37 – 41, and Nerone, a Roman Emperor from AD 54 – 68.

The Made in Italy Diadora V7000 “Caligula” uses various shades of off-white inspired by a toga, a distinctive garment of Ancient Rome which was a semicircular cloth. The toe box of the V7000 is made of linen, the Diadora Quarter Stripe is a golden cracked patent leather, and the heel wrap is draped in pony hair. Further details include a Caligula coin burned in on the heel as well as V7000 written in Latin numerals.

The colour pink features on both shoes and this is used to build a bridge between the pack and the emperors.

Next up, the Made in Italy Diadora S8000 “Nerone” uses various shades of red inspired by the myth that Nero sent out partisan to set the city Rome on fire. There is cracked patent leather on the heel tab, and both tongues feature a debossed TGWO script logo. The Diadora model number S8000 can be found in Latin numerals on the side of the heel wrap. Much like the V7000 silhouette, there is a debossed Nero coin design.

The Made in Italy Diadora V7000 and S8000 x TGOW “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” will be launching ONLINE on Saturday 11th of November at 00:01GMT here.

Made in Italy Diadora V7000 x TGWO “Caligula”
Antique White
Price: £169.00
Launch: Saturday 11th November 00:01GMT

Made in Italy Diadora S8000 x TGWO “Nerone”
Deco Rose
Price: £169.00
Launch: Saturday 11th November 00:01GMT










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