Diadora N.9000 x Concepts “Ratpack”

Diadora N9000 x Concepts Ratpack 01 800pix

Hollywood icons leading the ‘50s entertainment era were famous for their dapper styles marked by tailored tuxedos, sharkskin suits, pocket squares and top hats.

The Diadora N.9000 x Concepts “Ratpack” captures the essence of this fashion-forward era by presenting a sleek black-and-white model complete with three sets of laces: black, red and “piano key.

Made in Italy, the sneaker features a unique twill material often used in suiting design and manufacturing. Additionally, there is premium suede and perforated leather, a premium leather liner, a mesh tongue and reflective Diadora logos along the side. For a pop of colour, there is a pair of red eyelet grommets at the tying point.

Diadora N9000 x Concepts Ratpack 03 800pix

Diadora N.9000 x Concepts “Ratpack”
Launch: Saturday 30th April 00:01GMT
Price: £149.00

Diadora N9000 x Concepts Ratpack 02 800pix

Diadora N9000 x Concepts Ratpack 04 800pix

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