Creation T-Shirts Summer 2018

Creation, the clothing brand by Emmet Keane and Paul Sid deliver the goods once again with their latest high quality and unique t-shirt graphics for the summer weather.

The main highlights from this seasons drop sees two collaborations. One with renowned Oregan based photographer Peter Beste, famous for capturing photographs from a range of subcultures such as Houston Rap, London Grime, True Norweigan Death Metal and UFO Culture. Creation and Peter Beste team up to release a full colour print featuring The late Houston Rapper Big Hawk.

To remember 60 yrs of Dr Martin Luther King's passing, the second collaboration features the work of photographer Peter Simon and sees an oversized image of Martin Luther King. Peter reflects on the image he took  - 

"The photo was taken at my prep school (Riverdale) in the Bronx, NY. He was giving a lecture/sermon. It was 1964...I was just 17 at the time!"

 Both collaborations are limited to 50 prints each

 Other designs include a Jamaican Gospel  "Put No Blame On The Master" design paying homage to Jamaican Gospel artists such as Adina Edwards and Otis Wright.

Creation x Peter Beste "Ghetto Dreams" T-Shirt
Price: £32.00

Creation Martin Luther King T-Shirt x Peter Simon 
CREA142 / CREA141
Black / White
Price: 32.00

Creation Jamaican Gospel T-Shirt
Price: £32.00

Creation Bombs T-Shirt
CREA145 / CREA146
White / Black
Price: £32.00

Click the player below to listen back to the latest mixes from Creation duo Emmet Keane & Paul Sid. Featuring a homage to the samples and skits on the Beastie Boys "Ill Communication" album. As well as a health dose of Popcorn, Ska & Mid-Tempo Soul on Emmet Keane's Shakedown series.

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