CLAE Hoffman x Commonwealth


Highly regarded in the States as one of the top men’s lifestyle boutiques Commonwealth has teamed up with footwear mainstay CLAE to give us a very limited edition Hoffman.

With a blend of classic athletic styling and exceptional comfort, the Hoffman is built on an innovative ultra lightweight blown EVA outsole with a TPU cup for maximum comfort and stability. The CLAE Hoffman x Commonwealth features a beautiful long-hair suede, neoprene inner collar and a full grain vegetable tanned leather heel with reflective detail. The unique grey and blue tone hues is a playful nod to Lola, Commonwealth’s unofficial mascot and pet French Bulldog to Commonwealth’s co-founder Omar Quiambao.

The collaboration was borne out of a decades-long strong working relationship between Omar Quiambao and CLAE Founder and Creative Director, Sung Choi, with both brands continuing to maintain an appreciation and understanding for understated essentials. The CLAE Hoffman x Commonwealth fuses an east coast aesthetic with CLAE‘s laid back west coast roots, providing both modern comfort and styling versatility.

Hanon is very proud to announce it is the sole UK stockist for this release which is limited to 350 pairs worldwide.


CLAE Hoffman x Commonwealth
Launching: Very Soon
Price: £85.00


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