Burn Rubber x Reebok Ventilator “Boblo Boat”


Burn Rubber and Reebok honour the Ferries of Boblo Island Amusement park, Ontario. The park was open from 1898 until its closure in September 1993. Famous for its two “Boblo Boats,” the SS Ste. Claire and the SS Columbia, which serviced the park for more than 85 years.

This premium edition of the Reebok Ventilator is a tribute to those boats that created memories for so many people. The grey colours represent the smoke from the boats exhausts while the blue, yellow and red colours are taken directly from the boats original paint jobs. Even the font used on the heel logos is a nod to the iconic Boblo Island logo.

PRICE: £109.00

reebok-burn-rubber-ventilator-3-960x640 reebok-burn-rubber-ventilator-4-960x640 reebok-burn-rubber-ventilator-2-960x640

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