Better™ Gift Shop reunites with Motown Records

Toronto’s Better™ Gift Shop reunites with Motown Records for the third installment of an annual partnership. The “Collegiate Capsule” collection features two items, a hooded sweatshirt and beanie, both emblazoned with the Motown logo.  
Ties between Toronto and Detroit stretch back to golden era of auto manufacturing. Connected by King’s Highway 401, the two cities were also connected by their burgeoning culture, art and music scenes. The partnership between Motown and Better™ Gift Shop represents a cross-section of the manufacturing and music relationship between the United States and Canada. Both the hoodie and beanie are made locally in Canada and feature Better™ Gift Shop’s take on collegiate items in classic Michigan colorways.  
“Collegiate-inspired items are timeless. We chose to pay homage to Detroit and Michigan itself in this collection by using colors that everyone can recognize, even if they’re not from there,” said the Better™ Gift Shop team. “Motown is a storied institution. It was only right that we do something that will transcend trends and stand the test of time.” The heavyweight hooded sweatshirt features 100% cotton 500 GSM Canadian Fleece, consisting of a tackle twill embroidery and flatlock seam construction

Shop the Better™ x Mowtown Records Collaboration via the button below.
  • Better x Mowotwn Records 
  • 100% cotton 500 GSM Canadian Fleece
  • Two-layer tackle twill appliqué with a zig-zag stitch
  • Flatlock seam construction
  • Cut cross-grain
  • Custom-fit 
  • Silver Grommets
  • Knit, dyed and Made in Canada
  • Price: £180.00

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