ASICS x Reigning Champ

The ASICS x Reigning Champ Vancouver Edition is inspired by the city’s Sea to Sky Corridor trails, an ascent from coastal shores to forest-covered mountains. The colour palette finds nuanced beauty in an environment often deemed “gloomy.” Five key peaks of the Corridor serve as the collection’s primary graphic, woven into and printed onto the garments as topographical maps and rocky textures. As the main inspiration for this second collaboration, the beauty of the humbling peaks and endless horizons runners experience in this city, will endure on every new trail they face.
For Jesse Booi, running isn’t just a hobby, a pastime, or a way to stay in shape. It’s not even a sport. Jesse runs to push his body and mind to extremes that most people would find daunting or even scary. A former pro skateboarder, he describes running as “simple, but so hard,” and certainly, Jesse goes out of his way to make it as hard as possible. He isn’t intimidated by gruelling conditions, long distances, or unforgiving terrain. These are challenging that Jesse welcomes and even seeks out. Not everyone can run like Jesse Booi. But Jesse’s desire to seek out adventure and constantly expand his world—and his mind—can be an inspiration to runners everywhere.
While currently based in Squamish, Jesse was for years a resident of Vancouver, a dense urban landscape mashed-up with breath-taking natural beauty. Here mountains loom over the city and the Pacific Ocean is always right around the corner. Running in Vancouver is an experience that weaves together disparate elements and creates a wholly new experience every time. There’s endless terrain to be explored and no limit to how it can be mixed and matched to give runners, whether they’re novices or ambitious ultra-runners like Jesse, a near-ideal environment for pushing themselves and finding something new.

The ASICS x Reigning Champ collection launches at HANON Online February 1st. 

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