ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer x Sneakerwolf

Fresh on the heels of working with Japanese author & illustrator Yu Nagaba ASICS are back with another project shining a light on another Japanese creative. March 2019 see’s artist and illustrator Sneakerwolf team up with ASICS to work on a collaborative edition of the Gel Kayano Trainer.
Dubbed “Punk of the Edo Period” the shoe's makeup is inspired by the rebellious and free-spirited creativity of Punk and how these traits that we commonly associate with modern day subcultural movements were exhibited in 17th century Japan.
History states that in 17th century Japan - during the Edo Period - ordinary people were forbidden to display signs of luxury or dress in certain colours such as purple, red or gold.  Subtly flaunting these restrictions ordinary folk would work the shade of purple into garments in the linings and such. Sneakerwolf takes this historic rebellious act of style as a starting point for the collaborative Gel Kayano. Dressing the base of the Kayano in bright purple nylon. Before adding defining white leather overlays, Sneakerwolf signature punk flames and illustration underneath the laces.
The ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer x Sneakerwolf launches via an ONLINE RAFFLE. Entry opens on Monday 1st of April at 12:00GMT and closes on Thursday 4th of April at 12:00 GMT.

ASICS Gel Kayano Trainer x Sneakerwolf 
Price: £129.00