Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer x Porter “That Black Nylon”

For the first time Japanese brands Asics and Porter have collaborated to produce a very special bomber jacket inspired Gel-Kayano.

Based on the original model of “GEL-KAYANO” series which is one of the high-functioning running shoes that represent ASICS, the ankle part of the upper part (upper armor) was united with the elastic part using the highly elastic material monosock structure, including a heel protector for suppressing foot wobbling, mounted around the heel section, and a thicker sole with cushioning characteristics.

The upper adopts the same nylon twill fabric and nubuck material as the front of the “Tanker” series representing PORTER, finishing the entire one as a black one-tone, and installing the same brand’s label on the side part.

For the shoe sole and lining, they adopt orange colour representing PORTER and making it a design point. In addition to the flat type of shoelaces, shoelaces also come with the same drawcord type as those used in the “Tanker” series.

Asics Gel-Kayano Trainer x Porter “That Black Nylon”
Launch: TBC

Price: £TBC