Anglozine SS19

Introducing this seasons collection from unisex label Anglozine: Decima LOOK. 

Flavoured by British Pop art, the range’s pieces – all crafted in the UK and Italy – take their inspiration from cult sci-fi film ‘La Decima Vittima’ (1965).  The picture combines quintessential snapshots of Italy in the mid-’60s alongside iconic styles pioneered by contemporary artists like Joe Tilson and Pauline Boty.

Reuben Billingham (the brains behind it all) has form when it comes to mixing archive influences with ultra-modern design, having been involved in the creation of Fred Perry’s celebrated ‘Re-issues’ segment during his 9-year stint at the label. The creation of Anglozine is the culmination of his 20-year career in wholesaling, one that has also included spells at Stone Island, Sunspel and Aquascutum. The jump from wholesale to helming a label was more obvious than you might think. As Billingham explains ‘I was in product signoffs and sharing my opinion- sometimes perhaps too vocally.’ He had a vision ripe for fashion purists, ‘I’m not trad-obsessed, but I’ll stick to a theme or fit that a more overtly commercial brand would adjust. But at the same time, I’ll make it germane for today’s consumer.

The challenge was to make something stylish enough that the movie’s star, Marcello Mastroianni, might feasibly wear it, but also reflect the boldness of Tilson et al’s work. Using colour as a starting point and an obvious way of tying two the two connected strands together, the Anglozine collection avoids a standard menswear colour logic, resulting in a considered & inspired palette. In keeping with last seasons collection and the labels approach in general all of Anglozine’s pieces are made in either the UK or Italy. With a particular emphasis on British manufacture - though Billingham is keen to point out this is less to do with jingoism more simply "me wanting to learn new skills, and hand deliver fabrics to factories. I like working closely with the mill and factory to make sure there are no costly errors. And it’s been funny with this collection, how many UK manufacturers remember the styles “the first time around”

The Anglozine SS19 collection is available to buy online now Here! 

Scroll down to view some of the highlights from Anglozines latest inspired wares.

Joe Tilson, the collection’s main muse (alongside his famous 1964 painting on plywood, LOOK) spent a lot of time in Italy, living and working in Sicily, Rome, Venice, as well as London and rural Wiltshire. A Brixton trained former joiner who became one of British Pop art’s shining lights, he is the namesake of the Tilson jacket, an outerwear standout that features 3 external pockets and 2 huge inside poacher’s pockets, and one of the range’s key pieces.

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