Anglozine AW21 - Blue Boar M1

Following last season’s Desert inspired escapism Anglozine turn their attention a bit closer to home and pay homage to the “unlikely epicentre of 60’s rock & roll”.  We’ll let Anglozine head honcho Reuben Billingham introduce us to this season’s collection.
Family holidays in the estate car, beanos on the coach and away days in the minivan have all encountered the boundless joy of the motorway service station. The U. K’s first motorway M1 was home to ‘the’ service station Blue Boar at the Watford gap. The dividing line of north & south for this islands very own Route 66 and all the romance of a Kerouac road trip.” “When Jimi Hendrix moved to London, he said he wanted to go to The Blue Boar club not realising it was a motorway café with an exceptional jukebox. The 24-hour Blue Boar and all service stations were a sanctuary for: hitch hikers, football fans, musicians and broken-down ton-up boys.”

If that sounds up your street and you want to dig more into this gloriously unheard of mecca to rock and roll then we’d recommend checking out Pete Paphide’s radio doc on the BBC for full immersion in this season’s collection.
Getting down to brass tacks with this seasons drop and inspecting the clobber you’ll be pleased to see a collection that is distinctly Anglozine. Old favourites return updated and spec’d accordingly for the season. Tartan is an instant highlight with Anglozine using Loch Carron wool across a varied section of pieces this season. The main muse for the collection is celebrated with a graphic tee (made in London with that signature Anglo Mock neck) that boats a graphic that could have been a full-page ad in the Watford match day program enticing punters in for the fried fare and the chance to “meet the stars for the price of a cup of tea”. Sticking with the match day theme Anglozine celebrate the away day and the journeying up and down the motorways following your team in the hope of catching some glory or at least having a good day out on the cans. Made in England match day scarves and jerseys with all the swagger of continent do it justice in true Anglozine fashion. Last but by no means least we touch on this season’s outerwear. The Richmond Zip jacket is a sophisticated piece of outerwear with Anglozine utilizing some swish Italian rubber backed fabric courtesy of Masters Olmetex. Couple the fine material selection with a refined cut and enough details to keep things interesting and your onto a winner fit for the season. 

The Anglozine AW21 Collection is available to buy ONLINE now via the button below.

With Tartan featuring heavily in this seasons collection, we couldn't help but include some back ground on each Tartan fabric used and its origins. First up we have the Stewart Hunting Ancient Light Weight Tartan. The Royal Stewart tartan generally referred to simply as the Royal Tartan, has been associated with the Royal House of Stewart for several centuries. The Stewart monarchs were descended from Walter, High Steward of Scotland, who married Princess Marjory, daughter of King Robert the Bruce. Their son, King Robert II, was the first Stewart king.

Featuring alongside the Stewart tartan is Buchanan Blue, For close on 700 years the lands of Buchanan on the east side of Loch Lomond were possessed by the Buchanans. In Gaelic the name is known as Mac a’ Chanonaich meaning “Son of the Canon”. The clan historian claims that the lands of Buchanan were given to the chief, for his services against the Danes, by King Malcolm II. They supported King Robert the Bruce during the War of Independence and also fought at the battles of Flodden, Pinkie and Langside. It is claimed that there were Buchanans among the 7, 000 Scots who assisted the French King after the Battle of Agincourt in 1421.


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