Anglozine AW20 "Eel Pie Island"

AW/20 Anglozines 5
th season story starts in the late 1950s on an island in West London, famed for baking Eel Pies. Tasty eels scooped out from the surrounding river Thames water; bargemen would stop off at this tiny spot to luncheon on this medieval looking dish.
The exotic name stuck even when the pies stopped.  With a dilapidated Victorian-era hotel revived by latter-day saint Mr Arthur Chisnall, he set about setting up a youth club for beatniks and teenage delinquents on the island, from the surrounding mainland. 
Like its Thames watery foundation time ebbed and flowed the youth club became more of a dedicated music venue.  Drawing in rhythm and blues fans from all over London and the U.K to hear the bands play at Eel Pie Island hotel; like Davey Jones and The Mannish Boys. Davey Jones went onto be known as Bowie and he lists Eel Pie on his 1973 pin-ups LP sleeve, after giving him one of his first-ever gigs. 
The domino effect of the club has been instrumental in shaping rhythm & blues and pop in the U.K, it’s probably easier to say who hasn’t been influenced by the club somehow from every scene and corner of the U.K.
Anglozine draws inspiration from this crossover period of Trad Jazz beatnik to Francophile art students that would frequent the hotel on a weekly island-hop pilgrimage.  ‘Sportswear’ knitwear with a subtle up-date on the JOOK to MID-JOOK and Thames flora river tone merino PSYCHE Argyle patterns.
1950’s look Thames ferryman mid-zip TRIP jackets and BROOK button down fleece polo shirts in safety orange and even safer navy blue.  Toned down with wool ISLAND button-down collar R.A.F officer style jackets with corduroy or velour lining and ‘action’ vents
A play on the ubiquitous beatnik plaid shirt sees, YARD plaid full-zip over shirt, with a fit to sport as a shirt or jacket in Mustard, Air force blue or straight-up heavy Japanese denim all with neat zip pocket.
Printed mid-weight mock turtle neck T-shirts EEL PIE & HARLECH feature an interpretation of the murals found on the walls of the west London club.  The core trouser style ALCESTER runs again in Brisbane Moss corduroy, with the introduction of Bavarian merino wool trouser AUBERGE in Lovett green and navy.  All of this topped off with the return of the reversible BOB corduroy & plaid bucket hat.
We continue to manufacture all clothing in London and all knitwear is made in Italy.  The TRAD merino wool mock V-neck one of the knitters remembers making at the same Italian factory when they first came out many moons ago.

The Anglozine AW20 Collection is available to buy ONLINE now via the button beneath. 

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