Alpha Industries Japan Dragon Souvenir Jacket

Originating in post-WWII Japan, souvenir jackets were commissioned by occupying American soldiers to commemorate their time overseas and included bright, ornately hand-crafted designs, mixing both Eastern and Western themes.

Life had hit rock bottom for many Japanese people, who struggled to make ends meet amidst soaring inflation and a plummeting yen.
However, they soon realized tremendous business potential in selling goods to soldiers stationed in Japan.

Japanese (and even Chinese) dragons, tigers, cherry blossoms and trees sat side-by-side with American eagles, military iconography and phraseology, making them the OG fashion collab.

Collared and quilted bombers were crafted (sometimes from excess parachute silk) but it’s the varsity-style shawl collar jacket that has become popular with vintage hunters and modern designers alike.

You’ll have probably seen souvenir jackets a lot recently – on catwalks, celebrities and in street style shots.

But getting your hands on a decent style yourself has been quite a challenge.

No worries, we got you covered.

The search is over now.

Alpha Industries Japan Dragon Souvenir Jacket
07 Rep Blue

Price: £215.00

Alpha Industries Japan Dragon Souvenir Jacket
184 Burgundy

Price: £215.00

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