adidas Trimm Trab: Liverpool Editorial

adidas look to the rivalry between Merseyside's football titans for the Trimm Trabs comeback. The Trimm Trabs steeped in Liverpudlian folklore so these latest editions make perfect sense to kick off the Trabs comeback after a bit of a hiatus.

A rich nubuck covers the upper with adidas signature gold foil lettering proudly calling out the Trimm Trab name. White leather overlays on the Stripes and heel tab provide a sharp contrast while the coordinates 53⁰ 26’ 07.5”N 2⁰ 57’39.1”W are embossed in collar lining of each shoe leading to the centre of Stanley Park, Liverpool. 

Scroll down to view some images captured on the streets surrounding each club's hallowed stadia.

The adidas Trimm Trab launches at HANON on April 13th. 

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