adidas SPEZIAL FW19 Collection

adidas Originals unveils the new adidas SPEZIAL collection of apparel and footwear for FW19. Inspired by winter on the terraces of British football grounds and consisting of utilitarian and hard-wearing product designed to combat the elements, the latest SPEZIAL release blends adidas’ rich heritage in sportswear with modern technology, tooling, and fabrics.
The earthy-toned Belthorn anorak and the Rossendale parka (a modern update on the classic fishtail parka) that melds durability and style, are the standout garments of the collection. Accompanying them is the Spezial Liner vest, which fits seamlessly into the Belthorn anorak as a water-resistant liner, subtly branded long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirt options, and a pack of two pairs of simple Spezial cotton socks.
The footwear for this season features the SL80 SPZL, a one to one reproduction of the SL80 in its classic navy/gold colourway, an update of the winter-ready adidas Winterhill SPZL in adi-tex, and a premium leather Hoddlesden SPZL, which fuses vintage DNA from other classic adidas leisure shoes that have formed part of previous SPZL collections. The footwear offering is topped off by the release of the Blackburn SPZL, a shoe named after, and inspired by, the Lancashire town in which Gary Aspden spent much of his youth. Most of the European city series shoes would use colourways that were in some way relevant to the cities they were named after, the colourway of the Blackburn SPZL is no exception inspired by the green and red of the rose of Lancashire. To launch this latest collection, an adidas SPEZIAL exhibition will showcase the evolution of adidas footwear past and present in Blackburn’s magnificent Cotton Exchange, as the headliner of the British Textile Biennial.
The campaign is shot by Manchester photographer Paul Husband and features Gene Gallagher (son of Liam) who has never modelled before but is a dedicated fan of the range. 

The footwear from the adidas FW19 SPEZIAL Collection are being released by way of ONLINE RAFFLES on our HANON Launches site now.
The apparel from the adidas FW19 SPEZIAL Collection will be releasing ONLINE on Thursday 10th of October at 23:00BST.

We'll also be releasing the FW19 collection at the SPEZIAL Exhibition at Blackburn Cotton Exchange on Friday 11th of October from midday on a first come first serve basis. Please note that sales are card only.
There will be 350 pairs of the Blackburn SPZL available from a size UK6-UK12. One pair per person but re-queuing is allowed while stocks last.

adidas Blackburn SPZL
Price: £99.00

adidas SL80 SPZL
Price: £99.00

adidas Winterhill SPZL
Price: £159.00
adidas Hoddlesden SPZL
Price: £109.00

adidas Rossendale Parka SPZL
Bold Onix
Price: £249.00

adidas Belthron Anorak SPZL
Price: £219.00

adidas Liner SPZL
Price: £159.00

adidas MTF Socks SPZL 2 Pack
Price: £18.00

adidas LS Tee SPZL
Price: £49.00

adidas SS Tee SPZL
Price: £39.00
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