adidas Elland SPZL

The colourway and naming of the Elland SPZL gives a nod to Elland Road and Leeds United with a serial code inside the shoe uses a key date in the club’s history. During the process of developing the shoe, it was discovered (after the second sample round) that adidas football were finalising a deal to become the Leeds United kit supplier so a decision was made to hold back the release of the Elland SPZL to coincide with and further amplify this momentous occasion.
The recent (and long-awaited) promotion of Leeds United to the Premier League has further added a sense of celebration to the timing of the Elland SPZL release.

The adidas Elland SPZL launches at HANON via an ONLINE RAFFLE running until the 19th August. Please note this raffle has now closed.

adidas Elland SPZL
Price: £85.00

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