adidas Consortium Terrex Free Hiker

adidas Terrex is the Outdoor section of adidas, the creator sports brand. Terrex product sits at the functional pinnacle of the adidas range, built to enable uncompromised performance in all conditions. The mission is to inspire an urban audience to get Outdoors, release the pressure of their grind and refuel their creativity in nature. The adidas Terrex athlete roster includes some of the world’s leading climbers, trail runners and mountain bikers such as Sashadi Giulian, Kevin Jorgensen, Tim Olsen and Martin Soederstrom.

the adidas Terrex free hiker is the birth of a new segment in hike footwear: adidas call it free hiking. It starts in the city and leads an escape into nature. It inspires us all to disconnect, refuel our creativity, free from the pressure of the grind. It enables true community; personal interactions that happen on the trail running deeper than those of our daily digitised life. The Terrex free hiker is the pinnacle of footwear tech and comfort; an access point to freedom of mind, spirit and movement.

The adidas Consortium Terrex Free Hiker launches at HANON March 2nd.

adidas Consortium Terrex Free Hiker 
Price: £169.00
Launch: 2nd of March

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