adidas Celebrates the Paninaro

Passion, love, sex, money, violence, religion, injustice and death Paninaro, Paninaro, oh, oh, oh.
For this latest release the brand mit den 3 steifen or adidas to you and us, pay homage to the Italian Youth subculture of the Paninaro. To set the scene and give  those unfamiliar a quick crash course on what these colourful Italian youths were all about scroll down... 
Based primarily in Milan in the mid 1980's but with their distinct sense of style catching the attention of savy working class terrace dressers on these shores. The Paninaro typified changing times in Italy during the 1980's with Fast food restaurants & American TV & Film becoming prominent in society. Favoring to hang around burger joints and sandwich shops such as the Burghy in Milan. Often pictured with their 125 cross country bikes & mopeds dressed immaculately in the recognized Paninaro 'uniform'. Bright bubble coats & gilets think 80's Moncler or Osti's Stone Island as well as labels usually seen on wealthy winter sport enthusiasts in the North. Aviator jackets of some description with shades were also popular with the paninari boys & girls which is worth noting. Denim featured as a staple often worn with Burlington argyle pattern socks with some lugged boat shoes or Timberland style boots or even canvas skate style shoes with a nautical air.

As touched on earlier the unmistakable sense of style and sophistication from Italy resonated with kindred spirits in this part of the world. Influencing then and now a way of dressing. adidas take a shoe that was first introduced in the 80's and fuse the spirit of the Paninaro with a firm favorite round these parts. Taking after the 1986 version made in West Germany that the SPZL team painstakingly recreated, featuring intact elements such as the unique adjustable shock-absorbing outsole pegs. The green leather 3-stripe branding and heel tab provide a bright contrast to the white body of the shoe. Accents are provided via the shoes 'Paninaro' theme. Chief among which is an Argyle 'sock' pattern lining, Paninaro magazine font scrip on the lateral side before signing things off with a Burghy-esque detachable burger hang tag.

adidas G.S
Footwear White/Green
Price: £90.00
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